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As wedding season is well underway and my main focus lately is my beautiful brides, I thought I would share some things I have found to be important and not so important in the planning of your big day.

Since becoming engaged myself 6 months ago and planning my own wedding, I love nothing more than when brides to be come to me to chat about wedding related things. A lot of the time it’s nothing to do with hair at all. It’s pretty flattering that they also ask me for advice on a number of other services they are needing to look at for the big day.

I find a lot of time brides to be are quite skeptical on lashing out on certain parts of their wedding. It seems very expensive and a lot are worried these things won’t be worth it . There are definitely some aspects of the wedding I believe you can do yourself or just more affordably and still do well. However there are other things that I honestly would never skimp on and here are my top 4:
– Hair

– Makeup

– Photography

– Videography

Hair/Makeup – you want to look back on your day and know that you looked your best. I have spoken to so many ladies who have regrets from doing their hair or makeup themselves or getting a friend to do it. There is a reason you pay good money for these services. Make up artists know how to apply bridal makeup so it lasts all day, the right amount is applied and that it looks great for your pictures. It is the same with a good hairstylist. You want your style to last all day but still not feel too tight so it gets uncomfortable. You want to compliment your dress, your veil and your makeup with your hairstyle. There’s no use having a beautiful face of makeup, stunning wedding gown and jewellery if your hair doesn’t suit your total look. You also want hair and makeup artists that will be able to work simultaneously and be able to get the wedding party done in a timely manner. This is why I always love to know who it is I am working with so I can chat with them prior to the day as well and check all the details.

Photography – I can not stress how important it is to have an excellent wedding photographer.
Read reviews , speak to friends, look at their work and by all means DO NOT go with someone who is a cheaper option for the sake of saving a few hundred dollars. Most photographers will be happy for you to pay a deposit and even pay the remaining cost off in installments if you have to. I know of so so many friends and clients who have had a bad experience with their photographer. You want someone who is experienced with weddings and who has a style that you love. Experienced photographers know what angles look best in photos, how to manage their time for your pictures and they are skilled with editing. There is absolutely no point paying for a service like photography when the photos are no better than you could have taken yourself. They are one of the only things you actually take away from your wedding day. Quality photography is an investment.

Videography – Videography is something a lot of brides go without again for budgets sake and then regret their decision. Of course you are left with beautiful pictures from your wedding but the way I see it; the day goes so fast and you are very unlikely to remember even walking down the aisle. I have recently watched some amazing videography from friends’ weddings and have been absolutely blown away. The detail that you pick up on that you probably wouldn’t have from just pictures is astounding. And of course you have a permanent and very special record of your day to show your children and your grandchildren. Same goes as with photography, shop around and do not settle just for the sake of money. I believe you have to love the style of whoever you choose to document your special day.

Like I said previously, I have learnt in my time doing weddings and planning my own that there are some things you can do so well yourself or more affordably.
These thinks for me would be:
– Decorations
– Venue including meals etc.
– Wedding gown/bridesmaids dresses

Decorations – Honestly I have seen so many weddings that look AMAZING that the bride has completely decorated herself or with some help from the venue. Look at wedding Facebook buy/sell pages, gumtree, spotlight and even Kmart. Most of the decorations you can buy off people have been used once for all of five or six hours and are basically brand new. You can buy cheap candles and vases from all the discount stores along with fairy lights and other cute bits pieces. This is where Pinterest comes in handy, while some things are a bit hard to do yourself, with the help of your bridesmaids you could probably come up with some awesome ideas without the need to pay someone to do it for you.

Venue – some of the most amazing weddings have been at places that cost next to nothing. Think farms, beaches and paddocks. It also pays to go for a drive and visit some vineyards and restaurants you may have never considered. A lot of the places that aren’t ‘popular’ for weddings yet are often a lot cheaper than the well known wedding venues. If you save money on the venue itself you will have more to spend on food and drink or alternatively get the guests to pay for their own meals instead of presents! Most people are more than happy to do this as to go out for a nice dinner and drinks you would probably spend more anyway! Of course a great venue is important but it pays to shop around, you could save thousands.

Wedding gown/Bridesmaid dresses –
Most of the bridal gowns you will find at the main bridal stores start at at least $1000. My tip is to wait for a sale! You may get super lucky and find a dress from last season or a sample dress and save hundreds!! I personally don’t think buying a wedding dress online is a great idea but if you know a particular site is good quality and you love the dress then go for it . I would probably recommend going a size up so there is room for alterations if need be. In terms of bridesmaids dresses you don’t have to purchase them from bridal shops, often stores like Forever New and Esther have lovely dresses. If you’re more after something a bit less ‘bridesmaidy’ these stores can be great plus you’ll save a lot of money compared to buying from a bridal shop.

So they are my main tips for what you should invest in for your wedding and what isn’t as necessary. Obviously everyone has different opinions on this topic but this is all just drawn off my experience and that of friends/clients.

Thanks for listening, as always I’d love to know what you think and hear your stories.

Chloe X

Picture taken by Jazza Vock Photography.

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