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A bit of a different blog to my norm, but hey, I am a mum so why not share my thoughts on products that mums can use on their little ones too?!

As a lot of you know I have an 18 month old son who has been quite unwell the past few months. Every time he has been struck down with his sickness along comes the eczema it seems.
We have tried numerous medicated creams which do seem to work but apart from taking a few days to work they also leave his delicate skin feeling super dry as well.

I decided to try the Itchy Baby Co products as I had heard some great reviews, plus it makes me feel better to know what I am putting on my son’s skin.

There are three different bath soaks; natural oatmeal, natural oatmeal with goats milk & organic coconut and finally a natural oatmeal with just goats milk. They only have exactly what they state in them that is on the ingredients list, a tick from me. They also contain no nasties whatsoever, another big tick from me.

The last few months we have been in and out of hospital with our little Mason numerous times so I hadn’t even had a chance to use the bath soaks until recently.

On the weekend, Mason had a bad outbreak of eczema on his back. I put my two heaped teaspoons in his bath and then put some in my hand with some water to form a paste and applied it straight on to the affected area. After his bath I applied Itchy Baby Co natural oatmeal & coconut moisturiser. It has quite an oily consistency which is so good for dry sensitive skin.

No word of a lie, he woke up the next morning completely clear and with his skin feeling softer than it has for months. I can’t wait to try the other bath soaks when we have time, they all smell amazing; especially the goats milk and coconut.

I would rate these products very highly and recommend them to any mum (or any eczema sufferer) to try.

If you want to try these amazing products head to the Itchy Baby Co website.

Thanks for reading, as always would love to hear others’ thoughts on the products or any questions you may have.

Have a great week,
Chloe X

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