Hi lovely people,

As a lot of my followers are working mummies like myself I thought I would share my experience with juggling my business/work life with that of my mum & family life.

If you’re not a mum I hope you may still take something away from this or find it interesting, even just from the ‘ juggling owning your own business whilst still working for someone else’ perspective.

Since September 2015 I have worked hard to get myself where I am now.  It is still, as always, a work in progress but I am hoping all this ‘work’ and effort I am putting into it will be worth it in the long run.  This has of course been made harder by becoming a new mum and of course then returning back to work after maternity leave was up in February last year.

My intention for my business was more of just a hobby in the early days.  My thinking was I would do a small amount of clients maybe one or two a week or a fortnight for a bit of extra play money.

In the last year it has escalated beyond belief.  I always had the thinking that it would be something I would keep low-key, however as time went on and the demand grew, so did my work load.  I started finding new avenues in which I could grow my business and am still trying to evolve these everyday.

It is honestly really hard sometimes.  With all the extra work comes a lot of extra time needed to do paperwork, quotes, liasing with other businesses and also blogging.  It can be really hard to manage to get all my work done, come to my job 3 days a week, and then spend most Fridays and Saturdays doing clients, whilst also trying to maintain a perfectly kept house and well behaved children.  Some days it is a struggle I will admit.  I am so lucky to have such amazing support from my fiancé and other friends and family who know how much the business is consuming me at the moment to help out when they can.

I am not complaining for a second because honestly I never imagined how much I would truly enjoy doing hair again and I think this is because it is a lot more than that for me now.  I am always working with other business owners on collaborations, giving clients non hair related wedding advice and also constantly thinking up ways to grow and develop this little business I grew myself into something I didn’t ever dream I could achieve single handedly.

I suppose it is more trying to find the balance within yourself to handle all the different aspects of your life which can sometimes prove extremely challenging.  Most people who own their own businesses would know that you just never stop.  Even at 11pm at night or 6am in the morning.  It is a 24/7 job and you always have to remain consistent to maintain the level of professionalism and consistency that people have come to know about you.

I do find myself feeling guilty that I perhaps am not spending as much time with my family as I should be, but I know that everything I do is ultimately to give us the life that we want to have.  This is why I am always just so appreciative that people actually choose to support me of all people (I still doubt myself constantly as do most people).  It means so much to me purely for the fact that they are actually helping myself and my family achieve our goals.

I hope one day I can truly find my balance with my crazy busy life, it has only been really in the last year that my little biz has taken off after all. The key at the moment for me is to take one day at a time and do as much as I can to relax and just go with the flow.  Make the time to do family things and things for myself as well.  It is crazy busy but I wouldn’t change any of it.  It is really so rewarding.

If anyone has advice or their own experiences to share with me I would absolutely love that, feel free to comment me below or shoot me through an email to chloe-rosehairstyling@hotmail.com.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the week!

Chloe X

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