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A lot of my clients and fellow hairstylists and friends have asked me what sort of tools I use for styling.

As a hairstylist who does a lot of weddings I believe that the right tools will take you so much further with your styling.

A few of my favourites would have to be the H2D X5 Wand and the Glide brushes.

I was always someone who found it easier to curl hair using the hair straightener to be honest.  It does do the job and can work very well for lots of styles however the curling wand has won me over.

With 5 different attachments I can really achieve so many different looks with just the one tool!  I have used other wands in the past but always found it annoying that they would only work best with long hair; which is why I’m a big advocate for the H2D (so much so I am on their education team now, woo!).

The Glide brushes work so well with my wand curls as well.  I like to use the silver soft bristle brush for creating vintage style waves and on finer hair; while the harder bristle black brush is awesome for my bouncy messy curls and inn thicker hair.  They are also literally the only brushes I use on myself and clients which don’t hurt, rip hair out or damage wet hair when brushing.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have been sent some hair pins to try from Glide which are super long and firm and I ha be found them amazing for upstyles on thick hair of late!

Along with tools comes products and experience if you want to be able to nail some awesome looks.  I have always worked with Aveda products and love them but I am trialling some other ranges in the near future that I will report back on soon!  My main products I always have to have on hand are hairspray and dry shampoo, I’m not super fussy on the brand of dry shampoo and have yet to find an outstanding one; every one I have tried has worked as well as I have needed.  Hopefully I will find some awesome brands soon I can rave about!

In terms of education I am looking to broaden my horizons in the future and potentially do some workshops on basic and advanced styling which really excites me! I will definitely let you all know once I have some more news on that front!

Loving how the year is going so far with weddings galore and lots of fun things in the works; I have never been so inspired and motivated which is awesome.

If you have any questions or want to know more about any of the brands I have mentioned above check out their sites below or contact me!



Thanks for reading, have a great week!

Chloe X


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